Missing Scripts Page

Missing Scripts
The Missing Scripts page may be accessed by going to the Medicaid menu, selecting Missing Documents, and clicking Missing Scripts.
(Please note: this specific path is currently being developed. Until it is released, the Missing Scripts page may be accessed by direct link in the Medicaid menu)
The Missing Scripts page allows the user to view the status of each child's prescriptions. Searches may be filtered by service provider, session, and county. Additionally, the user may choose to display missing scripts, scripts that have not yet been verified, and verified scripts. The page may be exported to Excel as a spreadsheet.
Missing scripts are prescriptions that have not been uploaded.
Not verified scripts are prescriptions that have been uploaded, but not verified.
Verified scripts are prescriptions that have been both uploaded and verified.
Users should utilize this screen to stay astride of the entry of their children's prescriptions. Missing prescriptions may be uploaded by going to the Medicaid menu, selecting Scripts, and clicking Create Script for Child. Enter the child's last name, and click Select to the left of the child. Click Upload New Image of Written Order, choose the prescription from your computer, enter a title (description) for the prescription, and indicate the service period and type. Click Upload.
To verify a prescription, navigate to the page of a child whose prescription has been uploaded. On the Written Orders tab, click Manage Order File next to the prescription in question. Click a service to highlight it, and check any unchecked box next to an enrollment below. Click Save Enrollments.