Entering STACs- Centerbased & Transportation

Entering STACs - CB and Transportation
•Click on New
•Select STAC “Type” Center Based"
•Click Apply.  This will add a new line at the top for the current session
•Next click on CB in the bottom half of the screen
•This will open up the NY State STAC Enrollment screen
Complete all the information on top section
Make sure to answer the Evaluation question
From and To dates will pre- populate with that Agencies dates as set with NYSED.  These should be changed to match the IEP 
Change Hours and Days per week if child is not attending the class as approved by NYSED
Click Apply
Then click CB Enrollment Setup to open the County Enrollment Screen
•The top part of the County Enrollment Screen will include all of the information you have entered so far
•Check the box “Has Medicaid Medical Service on IEP” (if that is correct) if you are using Preschool for the PSSHSP cost report
•Click Apply and a  new enrollment line will appear in the bottom half of the screen
•Then Click RS in CB to enter the services the child will be receiving in the program
You can fill in information on this screen, or click Add New and a data entry screen will open up.
Click OK when Done & you will return to the County Enrollment Screen
Click OK again and return to the Child STAC Screen
•To add transportation, click the TRANS button on the STAC screen
•An Enrollment screen will open up with the dates from your STAC.  You can set a Total Cost default in the System menu under “System Settings” if you want.  If you do not use a default Total Cost, fill in the amount and click Apply.  Then Click Transportation Enrollment Setup
•A Transportation Enrollment Screen will open
•Enter the Transporter and other information you decide to capture: Service, Roundtrip…
•The number of days will automatically fill in. Change this if needed.  You will then enter the rate.  The amount on the enrollment does NOT have to match the STAC.  This will be dependent on your county policy.
•Click OK
•You will now see a new line on the STAC screen for TRANS