Retrieving and Processing STAC Return Files

Retrieving and Process STAC Return Files
•Under System, Select “Electronic STAC” (or Electronic Evaluations if loading an evaluation file)
•A gray screen “Create & Process Electronic STAC File” will open
•Select the School Year
•Click on (highlight) the file you want to retrieve
•Click SFTP 
•Enter your SFTP Username and Password
•Select File Type
•Select School Year
•Click on “Get Listing”
•Select the listing you are downloading
•Click Download
•When file is done downloading, back on the “Create & Process” Screen, highlight the file that was just retrieved
•Click “Process Electronic STAC File”
•It will ask “Do you wish to process file C0XX01.txt?”
•Click “yes”
•It will then show a progress bar during the processing of the file. 
•A new grid will appear listing “Approved, Rejected, Withdrawn”
•Process is now complete