Download SED Summary File- STAC & Eval

Downloading SED Summary File - STAC and Eval
•For STAC files:
–Click on the Maintenance menu
–Choose SED Summary 
–Click on the button labeled “Load file”
•Highlight the file you wish to load
•Click open
–A progress bar will appear on the bottom of your screen
–A message box will appear Stating “Load file is complete”
–Click ‘Ok’ 
–Repeat steps above for all years you would like to complete. When you are finished you need to update the services in preschool
–Click on the Update Service” button
–When completed a box will appear stating “Done”
–Click “Ok” 
–Click through the Tabs to review what brought in
•For Evaluation Files:
–Click on Maintenance
–Click on Import Eval Summary
–Click on file for the year you are working on(Example county17EV.MDB)
–Click import
–When finished, click “Match Evals” tab
–Click “update STAC IDs”
–Click OK
–Next click “Match All”
–Click OK
–Click on the “Match Components” Tab
–Click OK