Submitted Batch Details Changes in 5.13.3

Submitted Batch Details
The Submitted Batch Details screen may be accessed by double clicking on any submitted batch on the Claim Batch Listing screen.
  1. The CIN listed on the batch is the CIN associated with the child at the time of the batch’s submission. The child’s CIN may have changed since the submission, but the CIN listed will always be the CIN that the child had at the time that the batch was first submitted. This enables users to keep a record of children’s CINS; should a claim be rejected or denied on the basis of an invalid CIN, the user can look at the batch and see the specific problem with that CIN and correct it.
  1. The Description may be changed. Users can type in a custom description and press Update to save.

    Note: Users may also change the description on Unsubmitted and Void Batches.
  1. A column has been added for reconciliation information.
  1. Denied and Rejected Claims have styling changes based on whether or not they are reconciled. Unreconciled claims will be listed in red. Once they are reconciled, they will be changed to black.