Remittance and Medicaid Reports in 5.13.3

Remittance Reports
Remittance Reports may be accessed by going to Medicaid – Service Bureau Claiming – Remittance Reports.
  1. A tab for Summaries by Service Period has been added. Users may navigate to this tab to view the remittance summaries broken down by denials and payments in each month, across the calendar year, and through the SED school year. All of these summaries may be exported to Microsoft Excel.
Medicaid Reports
Users may access the new Medicaid Reports by going to Medicaid – Service Bureau Eligibility.
  1. Children Without a CIN. Users may run this report to see any and all children that do not have a CIN associated with their Preschool profile.
  2. Children With Duplicate CINs. This report shows children whose CINs match one another. Considering this, users must verify which (if either) of these CINs is correct, and subsequently correct the wrong CIN.
  3.  Children With an Invalid CIN. This report displays children whose CINs are too long, too short, or have invalid characters. Users can use this report to identify children who have CINs, but need some sort of adjustment to their CIN.
  4. Medicaid Children Listing. This report can be used to display those children who have a CIN within a specific date range, or only those children who have a Medicaid Eligibility record within a date range. As such, it can show those children who are Medicaid eligible.