Version 5.15

•         Denials will show, even if the denial reason isn’t downloaded from the MSB.
•         Denials can be processed even if they were billed at $0.
•         The new Medicaid rate is in and able to be billed with.
•         Similarly, a bug has been fixed where importing the new rates prevented billing.
•         The status column for Medicaid remits has been updated relevant to the Medicaid rate change for ease in reviewing.
•         An issue with empty Medicaid batches being created has been corrected.
•         Added the ability to re-import a pending file to update any records that weren’t previously updated – This has to do with importing the Medicaid remit files.
•         CPT import was corrected to actually add the codes and not just import them.
•         Medicaid enter Attendance screen will not allow you to close the screen before the save is completed.
•         Medicaid Remittance reports now have “Takeback” and “Overpaid” added to the partial pay tab as statuses.
•         Medicaid claim history has had new fields submitted for cycle, remit cycle, and remit status.
•         A new report of CINS with DOB/Gender Discrepancy has been added – It compares what’s in Preschool with what MSB has.
•         Service providers can now be imported from the CPSE portal into Preschool rather than being entered manually.
•         The electronic voucher process has had the ability to edit fields in the grid disabled.
•         There is a new screen for maintaining provider contract numbers.
•         New programs can be added for CB/SEIT
•         The summary file location is a system setting that can be viewed and changed.
•         A report that was taken out (Medicaid Potential Payments) a few versions ago was put back in.
•         The way that some counties were entering data was causing corruption issues when exporting to Excel from some reports, which has now been fixed.
•         A bug regarding the import of vouchers from the portal and the details window has been fixed.
•         Medicaid rate codes and rates had two maintenance screens that were displaying both old and new data. The old data has been purged from view, but the new ones are not editable from that screen.
Code Table Update
•         Added ICD update.
Service Type Maintenance
•         Prevent users from changing SED Code.
Program / Providers
•         Fixed issue where Add RS Program was not showing.
RS In CB screen
•         Medicaid Rate code is no longer shown.
Child Screen
•         Save now checks for valid CIN format.
•         Update scripts automatically update Medicaid rates & CPT Codes.
•         New Screens for tracking searching for CINs.
•         Added ability to view notes in claim batch.
•         You will need to check off “Include Notes” and click “Reload”.
•         Added ability to export report for auditing – Will send to Excel.
•         Added edit to make sure date range is entered when creating a new batch.
•         Import remittance shows different styling for already imported remittances.
•         Import remittance only warns if batches in grid were not previously downloaded.
•         New Report of Payment summary.
•         Submitted Batch Details now has Pre-Remit status.
New Audit Rules
  • Require a billable ICD10 code.
  • Require units to be greater than 0.
  • Check Signature is within 45 days of service date.
  • Check Co-Signature is within 45 days of service date.