Creating A New School Year And Migrating RS Providers & Programs To The New School Year

1. Before you start, check to make sure that you do not already have the new school year added. To do this, go to Current Session and scroll to the top to see if the school year you are adding is not there:
*If the school year you are adding is there, then proceed to step 7. If it is not, proceed to step 2.
2. Once you verify that, you will go up to the top menu and click on the “Maintenance” drop-down menu and select “Programs/Providers”:
3. Then click on "Add New School Year":
4. Once you click that, there will be a pop-up that confirms the school year has been added. Click "OK":
5. Close out of the Preschool program and log back in again.
6. In the upper left-hand corner that says "Current Session", click on the drop-down menu to verify that the new school year has been added:
7. Next, make sure that the session you are in is the CURRENT School Year (10 Month), NOT the new one:
8. On the top menu, select "Maintenance", then select "Programs/Providers":
9. Click on the button that says "Update Related Services":
10. Select the NEW school year in the drop-down menu:
11. Next, click on the button that says "Migrate RS Providers":
12. Make sure that there are 0 RS Programs, and then click the button that says "Yes":
If there are related service programs, contact your Preschool support.
Once this is completed, your RS providers & programs are now in the new school year.