Uploading Children for CIN Lookup & Retrieving Results

Uploading Children for CIN Lookup
- Medicaid -> Service Bureau Eligibility -> Upload Children for CIN Lookup
- Click “Add Children”
                - This defaults to December of 7 years ago (end of preschool)
        - Search
- County must have consent to lookup CIN
        - Select Children
        - Add
- Will send to MSB to look for exact match and check eligibility as of “check date”
  • Everything here will go
  • You may also edit from this screen
  • If the child has eligibility, but not as of that date, they will not get a CIN
  • If it is a future date, you will not get anything back.
- If you wish to do a follow up check, you may do every month for last ______ months rather than a single date.
- On the child individually, there is “Add child to CIN Lookup”
        - You will need to check off “County has parental Consent”
Retrieve CIN Lookup Results
- Service Bureau Eligibility -> Retrieve CIN Lookup Results
- Click “Check MSB For Updates”