How to Look Up a Child by ESID #

How to Look Up a Child by Electronic Service ID # (ESID #)
What is an ESID #?  It is an Electronic Service ID number.  It is the number that identifies the child and the child's particular enrollment in the Portal.  You will find this number located on several screens, but most commonly, the Enrollment Screen under Child Lookup.  Please see screenshot below.  
In order to be in compliance with HIPAA you should reference all preschool children by their ESID #; not their name.   If you receive a request for a child and only have their ESID #, you can look up the child in the Portal by their ESID #.  
To look up a child by ESID #, please use the following instructions:
Click on [Show Advanced Search Options]

Type (or paste) the child's ESID # into the Electronic Service ID Box > Click SEARCH
You will now be able to review the child's...
  • Enrollments (Change school year as needed)
  • Written Orders