Orange County Teletherapy FAQ


Q. Are we allowed to provide teletherapy?  
A. Each district must make a recommendation for distance learning services in order for providers to offer services via distance learning to that district’s CPSE students.

Q. What services are allowed to use teletherapy?  
A. Districts may allow all or some service types via distance learning.  Regardless of what the district allows, providers must also provide distance learning services in accordance with their professional standards.

Q. When can we begin providing teletherapy? 
A. Each district will provide a start date with their recommendation to use distance learning services but no earlier than 3/27/20when NYSED issued guidance.

Q. Are the reimbursement rates different?  
A. At this time, reimbursement rates will be the same per NYSED guidance.

Q. Will there be separate enrollments / ESIDs for the teletherapy?  
A. No. We have revised our current billing forms to allow providers to note when a session was provided via distance learning.

Q. Will we need to obtain parental/caregiver signatures?  
A. Providers must obtain written consent from parents and provide both the District and the County copies of the consent form.