Various users can have different types of permissions for any given agency.
Use the User Details screen to view or change the permissions a particular user has for an agency.  (See KB Article User Details to view how to get to User Details screen.)
There are 4 types of roles that a user can have for an agency / billing provider.  Since any individual can have multiple roles within an agency, a user can have multiple roles selected.
ProviderBasic - This is what a typical office staff (clerical, financial, billing clerk, etc.) person would have.  It enables them to assign children to service providers, enter attendance, run reports, prepare billing, etc.  Note: this type of user can enter attendance for any service provider in the agency and for any child.
ProviderBillingAdmin - A BillingAdmin has the ability to submit bills to county and apply a digital signature to the bill (not individual attendance, but an entire bill).
ProviderServiceProvider - This indicates the user is somebody that directly provides services to children.  This user would typically be a therapist (OT, PT, SLP, etc.) or a teacher either itinerant on based in a classroom.  These users are allowed to enter their own attendance.  Additionally, this role enables the user to digitally sign attendance assigned to them.  Only users with this role will see menu options for signing attendance.
ProviderSupervisor - This indicates the user can act as a supervisor and co-sign for attendance that was done under their direction / supervision.  Only users with this role will see menu options for co-signing attendance.