Nassau County Teletherapy FAQ

Nassau County

Q. Are we allowed to provide teletherapy?

A. Yes, you can provide teletherapy sessions in Nassau County.

Q. What services are allowed to use teletherapy?

A. R/S and SEIT.

Q. When can we begin providing teletherapy?

A. Once the district has agreed and parental consent is obtained.

Q. Are the reimbursement rates different?

A. No, the reimbursement rate will be at the rate.

Q. Will there be separate enrollments / ESIDs for the teletherapy?

A. No, there will not be a separate enrollment/ESIDs for teletherapy.

Q. Will we need to obtain parental/caregiver signatures?

A. Yes, you will need to obtain Parental/Caregiver signatures.