Adding a User when NPI is not found

CPSEPortal maintains a database of NPIs published by the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES).  The NPPES publishes updates on a weekly basis and when those updates are published, they are loaded into CPSEPortal.

You can perform searches on the NPPES website at

At times, a user may obtain a new NPI and you wish to add them to the system before that new NPI appears in CPSEPortal.

When that happens, the following notice will appear when trying to add that person.

Please be aware, this does not mean the NPI does not exist, it simply means that our system has not yet updated with the NPI information.

If you have confirmed that the NPI is correct, go ahead and click the Send Invite button anyways and the system will let you add the person with that NPI.  When that new NPI appears in the update from NPPES, that user will automatically be linked with their NPI.

If the provider is already listed in the Portal, and you try to submit an invitation with an incorrect NPI, it will instead display this error message after clicking “submit.”  If the provider does not currently have an NPI listed on their account, but they should, you can contact CPSE Portal support at, to request further assistance updating their NPI.

If instead, you receive an error message like the one displayed below, it could mean a few different things.

It means the information entered (License number or Profession) in the invitation does not match what is listed in the Portal.   Double check that there is not a typo in the information entered and try again.  
If it still doesn’t work, check with the Provider if they have had a change in their license since the last time they had used their Portal account, as the Portal may not yet have their new license information, which they will either need to update first, or you will have to send the invite using their older license information.