Creating a schedule for the school

How to create a schedule for the school


Go to Attendance> Classroom Schedule Maintenance> Click on By Schedule tab> 

Click drop down on the top Labeled “School Year Session” Be sure to select the correct school year 

The Schedule name must be filled out as well as the start and end dates.  Once this is done click the “Add” button. 


If there are alternative locations with a different schedule those can also be entered on this screen

Adding School Closures

School closures can be added ahead of time to designate holidays or planned school closures/snow days.  

Click on “Add Closure” 

Add the date of Closure as well as a description and click the “Ok” button.

You can also click on “Edit Closure date” to edit the closure already entered or add more closures. 

Applying Schedule to Classroom’s attendance 

Once closures are entered they can be applied to the schedule to the classroom’s attendance. Click on “Apply Schedule to Classroom’s Attendance”

The following screen will appear and here you can chose the closure you want to apply to the schedule. The Schedule Month will allow for the month to be chosen.

The closure that is entered for that month will appear press “OK” button

This message will appear

This can be done for everyone closure that has been entered for the school year. 



Adding closure to Classrooms


The process is the same but is done under the By Classroom Tab

Click on Apply Schedule to Classroom Attendance once closures added. 

Once you Apply the Schedule to Classroom's Attendance this creates closure attendances based upon the schedule you just created.  These attendances need to be digitally signed, the same way you would previously sign a Provided or Present session by going to Attendance>Digital Signature>Sign Classroom Attendance.  See this knowledge base article for more information regarding signing classroom attendance: