Setting Up Defaults in your Caseload

Setting Up Defaults in My Caseload


You can now set up defaults for your caseload. This option will allow you to create defaults for your session notes/attendances that will include: Service Setting, Location, Default CPT Code(s) & Default ICD 10 Code(s).  You can do this by going to Caseload Maintenance -> My Caseload to find the enrollment(s) that you want to set defaults up for.  You will then click on the "Defaults" button at the end of the enrollment. You will need to create defaults for each of your enrollments.

Once you select the "Defaults" button, this will take you to the defaults screen.

  • You can set up default Service Setting and Location.

  • You can also set up Default CPT and ICD10 codes that will automatically populate when you enter a session note for this enrollment.

  • Once you have created all of the defaults that you want displayed for the enrollment you will need to click Save.

Below is an example of the session note that will populate with the defaults that we created for the above enrollment.