Missing a Full Diagnosis (ICD) Code

When you are in the process of submitting your vouchers you may run into the problem of Missing a Full Diagnosis Code. If that is the case, please follow the below instructions on how to correct the attendance that is missing the ICD code.

Step 1:
Remove the child from the voucher by going to Billing > Voucher Management > Details.  Once you are on the voucher management screen you will now see the child on the assigned section of the voucher. If you click the checkbox to the left of their name, then click on unassign and save. 
Step 2: The therapist will need to unsign the attendance by going to Attendance > Digital Signature > Unsign Attendance.

Step 3: Add the missing ICD by going to Attendance> Weekly Attendance Calendar. Enter the date you want to fix in the "jump to" box. Once you find the child you double-click on the entry in the calendar. You will click on the location dropdown and choose the correct location, then click Save.

 Step 4. The therapist will sign the attendance again by going to Attendance>Digital Signature>Review and sign attendance and then click on the enrollments tab. Then you will click review and sign to sign all the attendances.

 Step 5:  Now that the sessions are ready to be put back on the voucher by going to Billing>Voucher Management>Details you will find the child in question, click on the checkbox to the left of their name and click on the assign button you will then save the attendance.

 Step 6. The last step is to submit the bill by going to Billing>Submit Voucher you will check the vouchers you are ready to submit and click submit and enter your pin