How to Move Attendances Between Enrollments

How to Move Attendances between Enrollments

1. Go to Attendance > Move Attendance Between Enrollments.
2. Enrollments for the school year the user selected will display. To make the search easier, a user can type in the child’s last name as well.

3. Find the child you need to move attendances for and click the “Select” button.
4. The user will see attendances display on the left hand side of the screen that are on the current enrollment they selected. The user will see the other enrollment display on the right hand of the screen to move the attendances to.

5. The user will select the attendances they would like to move by checking them off. 

6. The user will click the “Select” button on the enrollment the attendances are being moved to.

7. Click “Move”.

*Attendances will not be able to be moved if they have already been billed, or are on a voucher to be billed.