Error Message - Attendance Outside Enrollment Dates

Error message - Attendance Outside Enrollment Dates
One reason may be after an attendance entry is entered for a particular enrollment, the county alters the enrollment and edits the dates and now that attendance is no longer within the dates of the enrollment.
Steps to resolve:
1. Find enrollment - Go to "Enrollment Listing" under "Reports" 
2. Determine if there is another valid enrollment for this child for this particular attendance
    2.1 Select Report Criteria 
    2.2 Option to Sort Report
    2.3 Click Run Excel Report 
3. If the child has valid enrollment, edit attendance and change enrollment 
    3.1 Go to "Weekly Attendance" under "Attendance" menu item
    3.2 Find date of entry - Click on applicable attendance entry 
     3.3 Go to the "Child" field
     3.4 Select new entry reflecting updated enrollment info
          3.5 Click "Save" 
4. If the child no longer has valid enrollment, delete attendance. (For questions regarding enrollment, contact county)