Classroom Attendance Instructions

In this document, you will learn the overall process for billing classroom attendance including all the detailed features.
NOTE: All data was created for the use of this document.
1.  Recording Classroom Attendance
The first thing to do is click on “Classroom Management,” which is available under the “Attendance” menu option. This screen shows the existing classrooms and allows you to create new classrooms. 
1.1  Filter
The filter allows you to change the classrooms you are currently viewing.  To change the filter, you must first expand it by clicking the link:
Once clicked, the filter will expand to this:
If you would like to select a specific program, you can do so by changing the values and then clicking “Apply Filter.” Additionally, if you would like to change the month; you can do so by changing the month and year values and then click "Apply Filter."
1.2 Create New Classroom Button
By clicking this button, you can create a new classroom
1.3 Attendance Link
To the left of every enrollment, you will see an "Attendance" link.  Clicking this link will send you to the appropriate page for recording attendance for the week.       
          1.4  Attendance Sheet
Start off by clicking the “Attendance” link for an existing classroom listed in the grid.
                   1.4.1 Print Attendance Sheet
By clicking this, it allows you to print a grid of the attendance you have entered
1.4.2 Current Week
You can use the arrows to go back to past weeks or forward to future weeks
1.4.3 Return to Classrooms
By clicking this, you will be brought back to the main Classroom Attendance screen
1.4.4 Enrollment Link
If you click on the enrollment link, you will be brought to a detailed screen on the child including their demographic and service information
The detailed information is in a tabbed format which you can click between both areas
1.5 Adding Attendance
To enter attendance, you simply click on a blank cell for a child on a specific day and the cell changes to the color green meaning Present.
To select all children within the classroom for a specific day, click on the check mark box  next to a day  Now, all of the children for Tuesday will have green cells.
As soon as you add attendance, you will notice a warning in the right hand corner of the screen:
Therefore, once you have entered your attendance for the week, click “Save Attendances.”
3.  Signing Attendance
The first thing to do is click on “Sign Classroom Attendance,” which is available under the “Attendance” menu option. This screen shows the attendance you need to review/edit/sign for.
  1. Filter Options
You can filter by a classroom, month, the county and provider
Once you have selected your filter, hit “Retrieve”
  1. Edit Your Attendances
Teachers can delete attendances but you cannot add them on this screen before your sign your attendances.
To delete an attendance, simply double-click on the “P” under a date and it will disappear.
  1. Sign Your Attendance
First, select the attendances you wish to sign for by clicking the box next to each name.
Once you have reviewed/edited your attendance, click on “Sign Attendance”
            Read the agreement, enter your pin and click “I agree.”
Once your attendances are signed successfully, you will receive this pop up: