Adding new users for eSTAC's

How to invite new District users in eSTAC's

Each district has a login to CPSE Portal.
    This will be different from the login you use if you are also a service provider.

You are able to invite additional users from your district to use eSTAC's
    Each individual user should have their own username and password for eSTAC's.

To invite someone from your district to use eSTAC's go to the People tab and click District Users

Then click on 'Invite New User'. 

Enter the First Name, Last Name, and email address of the new user. Then click 'Send Invite'. 
CPSE Portal will send an invitation to the email address you entered. 

To accept the invite the new user will receive an email similar to the one displayed below. The email will come from

Once the new user clicks the link they will be taken to a screen that asks them to select a username and password. 

If the username they select is taken they will see this message:

If the username is available they will see this:

Clicking "Accept Invitation" will create their account.