Entering Unmatched Children and Unmatched Enrollments

Entering Unmatched Children and Unmatched Enrollments
This feature is used only in the case of a missing enrollment of a child who you are currently providing services for.  
1. In the case of a missing child (from the Enrollment Lookup or Caseload), you may add a child to caseload by going to "Unmatched Children" under "Caseload Maintenance":
2. Click "Add Child" 
3. Pop up will appear - Enter all fields:
4. Click "Add" at bottom of pop up:
5. You will receive a confirmation message and a child entry will appear:
6.  You may then enter services for the child by clicking on "Enrollments" to go to the "Unmatched Enrollments" screen:
 7. The "Unmatched Enrollments" screen will appear - Enter all fields - Click "Add" to add the child's services: 
  You will see confirmation message:  Enrollment Added Successfully
NOTE:  You may also go to "Unmatched Enrollments" under "Caseload Maintenance" to add or view enrollments
NOTE: Please keep in mind that service providers will be unable to sign attendances until caseload enrollments are matched with county - imported enrollments.  You will only be able to bill for services of children that are matched with the county.