Attendance Denied? How to Remove in Order to Correct and Re-Bill

*Please note: You must confirm that the attendances have been denied by the County and that you understand the removal is permanent. *
If a provider makes a mistake and submits erroneous data on a voucher, the County may choose to deny payment for certain dates of service.
If this occurs, and the provider would like to attempt to correct the data and resubmit on a new voucher, the process is as follows:
  1. The denied attendance needs to be removed from the initial voucher.  To do this, you must inform the CPSE Portal support team of the ESID and service dates that you would like removed.  To do this, complete this form RequestToHaveAttendanceRemovedFromSubmittedVouchers.xlsx and email it to with confirmation that the County has denied the attendance.  Attendances will not be removed without confirmation that they have been denied by the County.
IMG1: Example of form to be completed
  1. Once the attendance is no longer on a voucher
    1. if you need to modify the treatment log,
      1. since the attendance has already been digitally signed attesting to the fact that everything was reviewed and correct, you must first unsign the attendance and indicate why you need to modify the signed treatment log.  Here are instructions for unsigning attendance  
      2. Once the attendance entry has been unsigned, it can now be modified.
      3. The modified attendance entry needs to be resigned.
    2. If the attendance needs to be moved to a different ESID because the original enrollment dates changed or was rescinded, here are the instructions
  2. The attendance can be added to a new voucher and submitted.  If the attendance is not appearing, make sure you do a recalc on the voucher.