Uploading Parental Consents

Uploading Parental Consents
The purpose of this article is to outline the Medicaid Documentation - Parental Consent request and upload process for Medicaid eligible children.  New parental consent forms ARE NOT required each year.  
In order to determine whether a Parental Consent form is needed, you will first want to check the Missing Documents Preventing Claiming list.  The Missing Documents Preventing Claiming page may be reached by going to the Medicaid menu, selecting Missing Documents, and clicking Missing Documents Preventing Claiming:
This page enables the user to see which child is missing which documents. After searching by county and provider, refer to the three rightmost columns and refer to the Need Consent column -  For those enrollments marked YES, a parental Medicaid consent form must be uploaded.  
The next list you will want to check is the Missing Parental Consents page.  The Missing Parental Consents page may be accessed by going to the Medicaid menu, selecting Missing Documents, and clicking Missing Parental Consents.
This page serves as a running list of the children whose Medicaid consent forms have not yet been submitted to CPSE Portal. Users can filter the list by school year, county, and school district.
A child's name is removed from the list once their Medicaid consent form has been submitted and verified by CPSE-Medicaid Support. 
To submit the requested Parental Consent form, under the Medicaid menu, select Parental Consent Entry, enter the child's last name, and click Select. Click the Upload New Parental Consent button, select the file off of your computer, enter the date that the form was signed, and press Save.