Erie County Teletherapy FAQ


Q. Are we allowed to provide teletherapy?

A. Yes, you are allowed to provide Teletherapy sessions in Erie County.

Q. What services are allowed to use teletherapy?

A. All listed in the State Ed guidance document.  OT is still pending awaiting the Office of Professions to finalize tele-practice guidance.

Q. When can we begin providing teletherapy?

A. As soon as you obtain parental consent.

Q. Should agencies be recording "provided" classroom attendance where they are providing distance learning education?
A. Yes, they should be recording "provided" classroom attendance when they provide distance learning education.

Q. Are the reimbursement rates different?

A. No, reimbursement rates are the same.

Q. Will there be separate enrollments / ESIDs for the teletherapy?

A. No, State Ed guidance is that no change is needed to an IEP and the current mandate should be followed.  Services are authorized to be provided via teletherapy at the same rate, so no new ESID would be needed.

Q. Will we need to obtain parental/caregiver signatures?

A. Yes, parents must sign consent forms in order for you to provide Teletherapy services.