eSTACS - Signing and Submitting Evaluations

eSTACs - Signing and Submitting Evaluations

Digital Signature Setup

  1. Users First and Last Name
  2. Signature on My Profile
  3. Creating your pin

Submitting Evaluations

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Digital Signature Setup

Step # 1

Ensuring user account has a first and last name                                  

Use the User Account Details
 page to enter / edit your Last
 name and First name for your account

Click Update to save the changes

Entering your signature on My Profile

Navigate to the My Profile page under the My Account menu

On the Personal and Professional tab, ensure that you first and last name are correct.

Enter the Signature, Title and Credentials fields by typing out your “signature” exactly as it

Would be if you signed your name with a pen. Include any punctuation, title, credentials, etc. that you would include when you sign your name for CPSE related documents. 

Click Update to save your changes.

Digital Signature Setup Step #3       

Creating your PIN                  

Navigate to the My PIN page under the My Account menu

To Create your PIN 

  1. Choose a PIN and type it in the PIN Number field
  2. Enter you username that you log in with (should be prefilled)
  3. Enter your password you use to login to CPSE Portal
  4. Click Save PIN  

Creating your PIN - issues that can arise

Submitting Evaluations

Under the eSTACS menu select Submit->Submit Evaluations

Submitting Evaluations and Placements are both similar and fairly simple

You can filter by County, School year 

You can filter for Show All, Only OK to submit or Only Problems

Click Retrieve and the grid will populate

It contains last name, first name the evaluator and the component

Submitting Evaluations - Error Messages

Submitting Evaluations – Unsubmitted Evaluation List

*Please note any that have Problems Found will not be submitted until they are corrected

Submitting Evaluations – Digitally Signing