Managing Your PIN

All users need a PIN
  • This PIN is used for signing and submitting. 
  • Your PIN is different than your password used to login.
Go to My Account -> My PIN
** If you already have a PIN setup, you will see the dialog of "You have already chosen a PIN". If not, you will be told you need to create one **
Your username should auto-fill in the box. 
Next, follow these steps:
Please note:
    - If you have told your browser to save your username and password for this website, the PIN Number and Password boxes may auto-fill as well. If this happens, delete and re-type the information in the PIN Number and Password boxes to ensure accuracy. 
    - There is also nothing that will prevent you from having the same PIN multiple times in a row, so if you may reset the PIN to what you think it is, if it for some reason is not working but you want to ensure you are not locked out.