How to view Submitted STAC-1 and Printing STAC-1

How to View Submitted STAC-1 Placements and Printing STAC-1 

Providers can now Generate STAC-1s for Placements that the districts have submitted through eSTACs.

The STAC-1 is available under the Menu;

 eSTACs->Reports -> STAC-1 Listing

After Selecting County, provider, and school year session click “retrieve”. You can select all or click on individual STAC-1s

The STAC-1 can be printed by clicking on the Print STAC 1 option to the right of the child. The STAC-1 will open in a new tab.  Here is an example of what it will look like;

The STAC-1 Submission history will give a history of the placements including the dates, service, program, location, status, who submitted the STAC, and what date it was submitted.