Entering Unmatched CBRS Enrollments


Once the child is in the CPSE Portal (either in the system from prior services or has been entered as an unmatched child) and the Center-Based (CB) unmatched enrollment has been created, you can now add the Center-Based Related Service (CBRS) Enrollments.  

1.  Go to Caseload Maintenance>CBRS Enrollments


2.  Select the correct session, enter the child's information 
     (Last Name, First Name, DOB) and click SEARCH.  

3.  Click "SELECT" at the end of the row for the correct child.  
     At the bottom of the screen you will see a box, 
     "Included Services For..."  Fill in the following data:

  • From and To dates
  • RS type (OT/PT/ST)
  • Individual or Group
  • Units (Frequency/Duration)
  • Timespan (Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Click ADD

You will need to do this for each IEP ordered service included in the child's center-based program as listed on the IEP.