Assign Children to Therapist

Assign Children to Therapist 
This screen will allow you to assign children to therapists/service providers as well as make any necessary changes
1. Go to "Assign Child's Therapist(s) and Service Provider(s)" under "Caseload Maintenance" 
2. Select a Child. You can filter the list based on any or all of the criteria below.
    2.1 Select District 
    2.2 Select County
    2.3 Select Provider 
    2.4 Select School Year 
    2.5 Enter Last Name
    2.6 Enter STAC ID 
    2.7 Enter Electronic Service ID, if applicable
    2.8 Click Search 
    2.9 Click Select    
3. Select an enrollment 
      3.1 Select available therapist 
      3.2 Click Add Therapist(s)/Service Provider(s)
     3.3 Added therapist will appear under Assigned therapist 
4. In order to remove therapist, select assigned therapist and click Remove Therapist