Updating Credentials

When a provider has an update to their credentials there are two ways that this information can be adjusted and verified. (The below images are examples with scrabbled information that may not match)

Provider updates their Profession Profile:

On the home screen for a provider, they will see “My Professional Profile” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Here the provider is able to see the information that is entered into the CPSE Portal for their profession. If this information needs to be updated/changed, the provider can click “Edit My Profile”. 

This will open the “My Profile” screen for the provider where they can see their Personal and Professional information, their User Information, and their Favorites. On the Personal and Professional tab, they will be able to edit their Name, Signature, Tile, Credentials, and Licenses / Certifications / Professions information.

Once the information has been changed the provider will want to verify their information by clicking “Verify” on the “My Professional Profile”

On this screen, the providers credentials show up to compare with the NYS Office of the Professions. To verify, they will need to click the red verify box to turn it green and click “I attest the above information is accurate”. 

Agency updates the credentials:

The Agency is able to update its providers credentials by going to Lookup > Person Lookup. They will then click on “details” to open this provider's Person Details screen. On this screen, they will be able to update the same information that the therapist is able to update from their Personal and Professional information tab. 

Once the information has been updated the agency will need to go to People > Service Provider Credential Verification Listing. This screen will list any providers that require verification. 
Click on “Verify” and the same verification screen will open for the agency.