Entering Group Sessions

Entering Group Sessions (CPSE Portal)

To enter Group Sessions, please review the following steps -

  • From the CPSE Portal main page, navigate to
    • Attendance -> Weekly Attendance

  • On the Weekly Attendance Screen, select the day and timefor your Group attendance
    • In this example, we’ll use 03/06/2023, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

  • On the ‘New Session’ screen, select your first Group child from the ‘Enrollment’ drop down
    • For this example, we’re using Group Speech children (ST1)


  • Once you’ve selected your first child, enter the child's ICD Diagnosis Code, CPT Codes, and Session notes
    • Take notice of the expanded Child list on the left-hand side of the ‘New Session’ screen

  • Once you have finished entering information for your first Group child, click on ‘Child 2’ on the Child list. 
    • This will generate a blank ‘New Session’ screen while retaining information you entered for your first Group child.
    • Follow the same process as the first Group Child you entered, selecting their Enrollment from the ‘Enrollment’ drop down.
    • Don’t forget to enter the new Child’s ICD, CPT, and Notes information as well!

  • Repeat this process for up to three children per Group Attendance

Things to consider -
  • Each child must have the same Service Type in order to enter them on the same Group attendance
    • For example, you cannot place a Group Physical Therapy (PT1) child with a Group Speech Therapy (ST1) child
  • You must still specify whether a session was Provided, missed, or a Makeup by using the 'Entry Type' drop down on each Attendance