How to Create and Edit a Classroom

Classrooms are created under "Classroom Management".  This screen will allow you to assign teachers/aides to classrooms as well as assign students.  Changes may also be made as well as classroom deletions.
1. Go to "Classroom Management" under "Attendance". 
2. Click on "Create Classroom" 

Classroom Information Screen  

3. Enter classroom information fields
    3.1 Select School Year 
    3.2 Select Program
    3.3 Create name of classroom, esp 2.5 HR PM
    3.4 Type in description of classroom, esp hours, integrated vs self contained, etc..
    3.5 Enter number of students, number of teachers, and number of aides 

Assigning Teachers/Aides to a Classroom

 3.6 Click on +Assign Teachers/Aides link
       3.6.1 Refer to "Not Assigned" list on right and select name of applicable teacher or aide or "Select All" box;
                Make sure correct role is selected
       3.6.2 Click Assign
       3.6.3  Once teacher/aides are assigned to classroom, click on "Create Classroom"
4. Select "Proceed to Assign Children", "Create Another Classroom", or "Continue Editing Classroom"

Assigning Children to a Classroom

 5. Select "Proceed to Assign Children"
     5.1 Select "Details" link to review service details 
           5.1.1 Review child info on "Child Demographic Info" tab
           5.1.2 Review service info on "Service Info" tab 
               5.1.3 Click on "Sessions for Enrollment" link to run enrollment report - Enter report criteria from/to dates - Click "Run"
     5.2 When ready to assign child to classroom, click back button to return to Classroom screen
     5.3 Select box of child to be assigned (in "not assigned" column) or "Select All" if all to be assigned 
     5.3 Click Assign
      5.4  In order to unassign, select box next to child and click "Unassign" or click "Select All" box and click "Unassign"
      5.5  Click "Save Changes"  
      5.6 Either go "Back to Classroom List" or "Continue Assigning Children"
    Classroom List:
6. All additions or updates may be accessed by selecting the following links:
    6.1  Attendance may be viewed by clicking on "Attendance" 
    6.2  Classroom info, including assigning of teachers/aides, may be updated by clicking "Edit Classroom"
    6.3  Children may be assigned or unassigned by clicking "Assign Children"
    6.4  Classrooms may also be deleted by clicking "Delete Classroom"