Bulk Prescription Upload Process


(For Non-Full-Service Medicaid Counties)

The bulk upload process is not available for Full-Service Medicaid Counties.

Providers in Full-Service Medicaid counties are expected to use the New Order Screen to upload prescriptions.


Go to Caseload Maintenance>Upload Prescription Details

You will begin on the “Generate Spreadsheet Template” Tab.  

  • Filter for… 
    • School Year Session and
    • County

After you click RETREIVE you will see a list of children that need a prescription.   Click the “Export to Excel” button.   

After you click the “Export to Excel” button, the list shown above will be in Excel.  You will enter (to the Excel spreadsheet) the…

  • Ordering Provider NPI #
  • Signature Date of the prescription
  • Term of Service Start/End Date
  • ICD Code(s)

Once all the information noted above (highlighted in yellow below) has been entered to the Excel spreadsheet for all children on the spreadsheet, you will save the Excel spreadsheet to your computer (desktop or folder).  

Now you will move to the “Upload Completed Spreadsheet” Tab to upload the "completed" spreadsheet (Order Details) to the Portal.  You will click the “Choose File” button, browse to the desktop or folder where the Excel spreadsheet is saved, and click the Upload button.  

Part 1 – Uploading the Prescription Details, is now complete.   You will now move on to Part 2 – Uploading the Prescription Image.  


Go to Medicaid>Prescriptions>Prescription Details Without Images

  • Filter for the school year and county and click RETRIEVE.  
  • Click the SELECT link for the child for whom you would like to upload an image.  This list shows only one child, but you may see a list with multiple children listed.  The Prescriptions Without Images grid shows a listing of details that have “Missing Images.”  

As you can see from the screenshot below, there are no existing prescriptions to select.   You will click the ADD button at the bottom of the screen to upload the image.  

The following screen comes up.  Click on the CHOOSE FILE button to browse to the saved image that you would like to attach to the Prescription Details.  

Once your image shows (it will show with a green box) click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.  

After you click the SAVE button, you will see a yellow bar at the top of the screen that says, “Successfully saved an image with 1 prescription attached!”

The image has now been attached to the prescription details for this child.