Uploading Transportation Documents (eSTACs)

Entering Transportation Documents (eSTACs)

In order to enter eSTACs Transportation documents, please review the following steps –

  • From the CPSE Portal main page, navigate to
    • eSTACs -> Student Search

  • Next, using the fields provided, search for your child to upload Transportation documents for
    • In this example, we are searching by the child’s ‘STACID’
    • Once entered, press ‘Retrieve’, then ‘Details’ on the corresponding Child line

  • Now, select the ‘Documents’ tab from the list of available tabs

  • At the bottom of the ‘Documents’ page, select ‘Upload’

  • You will be taken to a new page. Click the ‘Browse’button
    • You will be prompted to select your document through your File Explorer
    • Select your file and press ‘Upload’

  • A preview of your Document will show on the right-side of your screen, along with a ‘Document Type’ drop down and a ‘Comments’ section
    • Select the ‘Document Type’ from the drop down list. In this scenario, select the type of Transportation Document you’re uploading.
    • Enter any applicable comments in the ‘Comments’ box 

  • After selecting your ‘Document Type’, a new dropdown will appear, including a ‘School Year’ dropdown and ‘Effective Date’ text field.
    • You must select the ‘Placement’ to attach the document to
    • Once selected, press ‘OK’ at the bottom of the page to finish uploading the document

The newly uploaded Document will appear on the child’s Documents list under the ‘Documents’ tab from earlier in this tutorial.