eSTACs - Adding Transportation Details

eSTACs - Adding Transportation Details

1) First, go to the student details page for the student you want to add a transportation detail to. 
To do this, go to "eSTACs" -> "Student Search". In this screen, enter the name or other identifying information to look for this student. Once they show up in the results, click the "Details" link next to their information. (Not the "Edit" link.)

2) That should bring you to their student details page. Now, under their "IEP Placements" tab:
    a. Click "Edit" if the placement you want to add the transportation to has not been submitted yet.
    b. Click "Amend" and then "Amend specific detail" if the placement you want to add the transportation to has already been submitted.
    c. Click "Add CB Placement" or "Add SEIT/RS Placement" if the placement has not yet been created.
In any of these cases, you will be brought to the placement details screen next.

3) In the placement details screen, go under the "Transportation" tab. 
Here you can enter all the details and upload the documents needed to submit the transportation.
(If this child will receive parent transportation who won't be seeking reimbursement, or no transportation at all, you need to check the box that says: "The IEP does not authorize reimbursement ... will be sought".)

4) To enter a transportation in this tab, you need to:
    a. Put in the service type, the provider, the start date, and the end date. Then click "Add".
    b. Submit the documents required by your county by picking a document type from the dropdown, enter the effective date (usually the start date of the transportation), choose a file from your computer, and click "Upload"
    c. The uploaded documents will show up in the box below that.

Important Note: Some counties require both Parent transportation and Bus transportation added for each child who will receive any form of transportation, or other specific requirements. Please refer to your county's policies when entering transportation.