What to do if the SEIT Provider Changes


What to do if the SEIT Provider Changes


If a child’s SEIT Provider changes the entire placement will have to be end dated. A new placement must be created with all the necessary details.


  1. Click on the eSTAC tab and choose Student Search


  1. On the next screen use the filters to search for the student. Once you find the student click Details. 

  1. Find the SEIT placement you need to change and click on Amend. 

  1. Click on Amend Program Date, put in the end date and select the reason Child changed program. Then click OK to complete end dating the current enrollment. This will end any details associated with this placement.

  1. You can then click on Add SEIT/RS Placement to create a SEIT placement. Be sure to recreate any details that were end dated when the original placement was ended.