Creating and Submitting a Voucher

Creating and Submitting a Voucher
In this article, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to create a voucher. 
Recalculation: This screen introduces a concept known as recalculation of billing items.  You can recalculate pending vouchers individually, or all of them at once.  The recalculation process determines monthly billing amounts for any enrollments that 
match the criteria for the voucher contents.  These billing items are summarized to a single item for the month.   NOTE:  Attendances must go through the recalculation and summarizing in order to be added to vouchers.  It will also add any new attendances to a voucher if the enrollment month is already on the voucher.  
Create Voucher: The first step in creating a voucher is to enter its important information, including specifying the billing criteria that the voucher will contain (which county, enrollment type, and school year session).
Voucher Info:  Clicking the "Info" button will bring up the same screen as the "Create Voucher" button, but with the voucher's information pre-entered for you allowing you to edit some information.
Voucher Details:  This screen is used to add new monthly billing items (and their corresponding attendances) to a voucher, you use this screen.  On the left are monthly items that are ready for billing, but not on any voucher yet.  On the right are monthly items currently on this voucher.  Note: Attendances won't be shown in the "Unassigned" grid until they are signed or co-signed, if applicable.  Check which items you would like to move, the click either "Assign" or "Unassign", depending on what action you would like to take.  The "Amount Billed" will update accordingly.  These changes do not take effect until you click "Save".
1. Once all attendances have been entered, go to "Voucher Management" under "Billing" menu.
2. Click "Create Voucher" 
3. Filter Options
    3.1 Select County
    3.2 Select Enrollment (Service) Type 
    3.3 Select School Year Session
    3.4 Enter all applicable fields 
    3.5 Click Save 
  • Under the “RS” enrollment type, is the option to choose a specific service type which make the voucher be ONLY for that service type.
  • By leaving the related service code blank, the vouchers may be submitted with mixed services.
For RS and CBRS:

For CB and SEIT:

For Both RS/CBRS and CB/SEIT:
  • The Vendor invoice Number is how you as the agency might identify the Voucher.
  • The County Document # is how the County might identify the Voucher (for example a pre-printed County specific numbered Voucher).
  • If you would like the system to automatically assign matches of the chosen criteria, check “Assign Matching Sessions”
    • This can be used in place of choosing each individually.
    • These may be unassigned if you do not wish to apply, this is just to skip a step in assigning attendances to a Voucher.
   NOTE: Voucher numbers are auto-assigned
4.  Click "Details" on applicable Voucher #
    NOTE:  At the time you create a voucher, recalculation will occur and attendances matching the criteria will be                          marked for billing
5.  Assign applicable enrollment on left under "Unassigned" by checking box - Click "Assign"
6.  Enrollment has now moved to "Assigned"  
    NOTE:  In order to"Unassign", check box of applicable enrollment and click "Unassign"
7.  Click "Save"
   NOTE:  Once a new attendance is added to voucher details screen, recalculation on the corresponding voucher is required in order to mark the attendance as ready for billing.  New attendance is then automatically added  to the voucher.
8. In order to submit voucher to county, go to "Submit Voucher(s)" under "Billing" menu
9. Select unbilled voucher by checking box (or Select All)
10. Click "Submit Voucher(s)" - You will then see pop up:  
      10.1 Enter your personal PIN- Click "I agree"
      10.2 You will see "Voucher Submitted Successfully" confirmation message on top of page
NOTE:  Once you submit a voucher to the county, it is no longer possible to edit it's contents.   Also, the voucher summary should pop up automatically upon submission.   If for some reason it does not,        please continue with the following instruction on how to "Print Voucher Summary". 
11. Print Voucher Summary
     11.1 Go to "Print Voucher Summary" under "Billing" menu 
   11.2  Filter Options
            11.2.1 School Year Session
            11.2.2 Enrollment Type
            11.2.3 Billed County
            11.2.4 Billing Month
            11.2.5 Click Apply Filter 
   11.3  Click "Print" link for applicable voucher 
   11.4 You will then see voucher summary: 
    11.5  Depending on your browser and set up for reading Adobe PDF documents you should see icons for saving and printing - Click "Print" icon to print summary
         NOTE:  Voucher Summary includes Voucher Billing info as well as Classroom Attendance