Service Provider User Template to import therapists and users

This template can be used to create multiple service provider invites and import therapists at one time.
Download this template CPSE Portal Add Service Provider Template and then enter in the information of the users you would like to invite.
The columns are
  • First Name (required)
  • Last Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Provider Specific ID (optional) - ID to link therapist to another system when NPI isn't present
  • NPI (required)
  • Profession Code (required) - use one of the values below
  • NY License (optional) - This is only required for professionals that are licensed through the NYS Office of Professions (OT, PT, SLP, etc.)  For professionals that do not have a NY license (teachers, etc.), leave the column blank.
  • License From Date (optional) - Effective Starting Date of the license
  • License To Date (optional) - Expiration Date of the license
The list of profession codes that can be used:

Profession Code


AIDE             Classroom or 1:1 AIDE
AUD Audiologist
CFY Clinical First Year
COTA Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
CSP Certified School Psychologist
CSW Clinical Social Worker
INT Bilingual Interpreter
LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
MUS Music Therapist
OT Occupational Therapist (Registered)
OTA Occupational Therapist Assistant
PSY Licensed Psychologist
PT Physical Therapist
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
RN Registered Nurse
SLP Speech & Language Pathologist
SPED Special Education Teacher
TD Teacher of the Deaf
TEACH Teacher
TSHH Teacher of Speech & Hearing Handicapped
TSLD Teacher of Speech & Language Disabilities
TVI Teacher of the Visually Impaired