Schema for Attendance File Upload

A billing provider can create a file with the following schema and upload it into the website instead of entering directly:

Use the following link for a list of county Codes used in the import file 

Description of the Attendance Type for the XML Attendance Upload

AttendanceIDGenerated by the submitter, this is a unique identifier within this file.  Each attendance will have its own id.
AttendanceGroupIDGenerated by the submitter, this is a unique identifier of the group.  For group attendance, each child in the group for that day will have the same number.  If there are two attendances on separate dates but have the same AttendanceGroupID, then the system will reject the file.
NumberOfChildrenInGroupThe number of children that were in the group for that particular session.
ESIDGenerated by the county, this is an identifier that uniquely identifies the enrollment.
Used to identify the therapist / service provider that provided the service
See TherapistIdentifierType
If this attendance was a Co-Visit (an OTR overseeing a COTA), this ids the overseeing therapist.
See TherapistIdentifierType
CountyNumberThe number assigned to the county. For example, for Schenectady County this value is 53.
The date the service was performed
Format: YYYY-MM-DD
The time the session started
Format: hh:mm:ss (uses 24 hour system)
The time the session ended
Format: hh:mm:ss (uses 24 hour system)
CPTCodeListSee CPTCodeType
ICDCodeListSee ICDCodeType
SessionNotesThe notes from the therapist / service provider.
Valid values are:
  • Home
  • Daycare
  • Preschool
  • Nursery School
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Medical Site
  • Community Setting
  • Facility Location/Private Office
  • Therapy Room
  • Teletherapy
MakeUpForDateFormat: YYYY-MM-DD
Valid values are:
  • Progress
  • Limited Progress
  • No Progress
LocationDescription of the location where the service was provided.
UnitsToBillThe amount of billable units that are covered by this attendance.
RateFor RS and SEIT services, the rate that is being billed.  For other services it will be 0.
AttendanceTypeImportCodeValid values for CB: PRESENT, ABSENT, CLOSED            
DoesNotMeetMedicaidRequirementsFlag to indicate if the session fails to meet Medicaid standards.
The signature of the therapist/teacher. External refers to outside of CPSE Portal. This could be a signature on paper or digital signature.
See ExternalSignatureType.
The signature of the supervisor in a UDO/USO scenario. External refers to outside of CPSE Portal. This could be a signature on paper or digital signature.
See ExternalSignatureType.
The signature of the individual that performed a quality assurance review of the treatment log/ session notes. External refers to outside of CPSE Portal. This could be a signature on paper or digital signature. 
See ExternalSignatureType.

Description of the Therapist Identifier Type for the XML Attendance Upload

Must be one of
  • NPI
  • CompanyDefined
If IdentifierType is NPI  this will be the therapists NPI.
If IdentifierType is CompanyDefined, then this will be a company assigned id for the therapist (such as an employee id).  There is a maintenance screen in CPSEPortal where companies can enter the company assigned IDs of therapists.  See this knowledge base article for information on maintaining Provider Specific Identifiers in the Portal.

Description of the CPT Code Type for the XML Attendance Upload

CPTCodeThe 5 digit CPT code
CPTCodeUnitsThe number of units of that procedure provided.  Most CPT codes will have a 1 for the units.  For procedures where the CPT code is for a set amount of time (such as 15 minutes), specify the number of units of that was provided.

Description of the ICD Code Type for the XML Attendance Upload

ICDCodeUp to 10 digit diagnosis code

Description of the ExternalSignatureType for the XML Attendance Upload

SigneeThe Therapist/Teacher identifier for the person that signed
SignatureDateThe date of the signature
SigneeNameAndCredentialsThe full name, title and credentials.  Example: Jane Doe M.S. CCC/SLP

Sample Files

TypeIncludes Examples ofLink
Individual Related Service
  • Therapist with NPI
  • External Signature
  • External QA Signature
  • Untimed CPT Code
Group Related Service
  • Attendance Group ID
  • Number of children in group
  • Group CPT Code
Related Service with UDO/USO Cosignature
  • Therapist with NPI
  • External CoSignature
  • Timed CPT Code
  • Service Provider without NPI
  • Service without CPT Code
  • Service without ICD Code
Center based Classroom
  • Classroom attendance
Center based Related Services
  • Multiple CPT Codes
  • Timed CPT Codes with multiple units
  • DoesNotMeetMedicaidRequirements
Individual RS via Teletherapy
  • Teletherapy