Why doesn't attendance appear to be put on a voucher?

There are several reasons why attendances are not available to be put on a voucher and therefore do not appear on the list of items to put on a voucher on the Voucher Details screen.  Here are the primary reasons
  • The attendance has been added or modified (matched, signed/co-signed) since the voucher was created. 
    • Try using Recalc to have system look for ready attendances
  • The attendance is on an unmatched enrollment (no ESID)
    • Match to County Created enrollment and use Recalc
  • The attendance is missing a Signed Date or Cosigned Date
    • Have the therapist/supervisor sign or co-sign the attendance
  • The attendance is on another Voucher
    • If the other voucher has not been submitted you can remove it from that voucher
    • If the County denied that attendance on that other voucher, submit request to support@CPSEPortal.com to rebill for that ESID and date of service
  • The rates have not yet been uploaded.
    • This can be checked by going to Lookup -> Enrollment Lookup -> Select the School Year Session, County, Provider, and Enrollment Type. 
    • The column on the right that reads "Rates" will show if there is anything there other than $0. 
To research these
  1. Use Child Lookup screen to find the child and click on the details to see the child details
  2. On the Enrollment list for that child, find the enrollment corresponding to the attendances you want to bill
    1. Make sure the row has an ESID (is a County created enrollment).  If there is no ESID, it cannot be billed.  You need to match this enrollment to a County created enrollment
  3. Click the Attendance link to view the attendance list 
    1. Make sure the attendance exists in the list. 
      1. If it does not appear, then it is not in the system, or it is entered under a different child or different enrollment
    2. Make sure there is a date in the Signed Date column
      1. If it is empty, have the therapist sign it
    3. Make sure there is a date in the Co-Signed Date column (even if no co-signature is required for that therapist)
      1. If the therapist requires a co-signature, have the supervisor co-sign
      2. If the therapist does not require a co-signature, have the therapist make sure that their profile only lists their licensed credential (SLP and not TSHH).  Have the therapist un-sign and resign.
    4. Make sure the Voucher # is empty.
      1. If it is on another voucher that has not been submitted to the County you can edit that other vouchers details and remove it.  If the voucher has been submitted to the County and the County denied it and you would like to rebill it, follow the rebilling process.
If the attendance still does not appear please complete this Request for Information.pdf form and email it to support@CPSEPortal.com asking to assist with why it won't appear to be put on a voucher.