Update SED Program Listing- includes rate changes

Update SED Program Listing (including rate changes) 
•Under Maintenance, click “Get New Program Listing from SED”
•On Step 1: Download
•Click “Download New AGENCY.ZIP file from SED”
•You will see a number of messages scroll by
•Then a pop up screen will tell you the file has been successfully downloaded and unzipped.
•After the file has been downloaded, go to Step 2 “Load Data
•Click “Automatically Add new Providers/Programs” button
•Click the “Load Providers & Programs” button
•Click on Step 3: View Results
•This will give you a list of any changes that have been detected.
•Next click on Step 4: Compare and Update County Data
•Click the “Compare and Update County Data” button
•Move through the 4 tabs at the top
–On the 1st 3 tabs it is suggested you just view the results
–On the final tab, Program Changes, select all programs you wish to update and click “Update Select Program Changes”. See example below
•In this example, the yellow highlighted lines show the 9165 program code for Early Childhood Learning has an SED rate of 16759 and a county rate of 16288. Updating these rates will allow you to easily calculate rate changes
•The final step is to get any rate changes applied to all children affected by the change.
•Close the “Compare Program & Provider Listings” screen
•Click on “Payments”, then click “Agency rate adj”
•Highlight the rates you want, and click update rates