Processing Billing NOT Submitted through the CPSE Portal

Processing Billing Not Submitted through CPSE Portal
•Under “Payments” click on “Enter Invoices,” select the Service Type of the billing you want to process: 
–Rel Svcs
–Comm Trans
–Parent Trans
•Select the Provider
•Select the month
•Click “Create Payment Batch
•After batch is created, click “Edit Payment Batch”
•The children that meet all the requirements will be in bold.
•For Centerbased, enter the number of days attended for each child.
•For other (SEIT or RS), enter the number of sessions.
•The children that do NOT meet all the requirements will be in gray.
•When done entering attendance, click Apply, then Process Invoice
•On the Payment Edit Screen, fill in information as per your procedure (example, County Voucher Number, Vendor Invoice #, Description....)
•For Batch Number, click Auto Generate Batch Number
•Then click OK, or OK + Print as per your procedure