Preschool Changes - Version 5.21.1

Various Additions/Changes

1. Changed the process to Upload Summary Files

Maintenance>SED Data> Import summary Data from CPSE Portal

                Select School Year, then select:

                Import Evaluation Summary

                Import Service Summary

You will need to do separate imports for each service and for each year

2. Added a report for those counties that enter Encounters by hand 

Medicaid>Cost Reporting>Encounter Listing for Cost Report


The County now has the ability to enter MORE than 30 minute sessions.  The system will convert for the STAC submission


The Gray County enrollment now has Minutes per session also

4. District Listing

Maintenance>Misc. Codes

District can no longer be changed by the County

5. Parental Consent to Bill Medicaid Tracking

Medicaid>Parental Consent Tracking

Can now Import from CPSE Portal but if a county chooses to allow providers to upload these forms into the Portal, note there is no review or verification available if this optional upload of the forms by the Providers is allowed

Teletherapy Changes:

1. Consent for Teletherapy Forms

If you opt to have your providers upload these forms into the Portal, you can now import them into Preschool

Medicaid>Teletherapy Consent Tracking

2. Teletherapy “Dates Allowed”

This new feature will allow you to specify the dates your county has approved Teletherapy services to be delivered through use of a series of dates

Medicaid>Service Bureau Claiming>Teletherapy Usage –

Not Allowed-  this will be the date range for the 2019-2020 school year prior to Teletherapy.  The start date will be 7/1/18 to allow for any old Medicaid claims from the 2018-19 school year that may not have been billed yet.  The through date will be specific to when your county authorized Teletherapy to begin.

Required- This will be the date range that ONLY Teletherapy visits will be accepted.

Allowed-  If in the future the County will allow BOTH Teletherapy AND regular visits then this date range will have to be entered  

These dates will be important not only to help ensure the sessions being billed have been correctly identified when presented for payment, but will also ensure Teletherapy visits are correctly identified when billed to Medicaid for reimbursement.

3. Teletherapy Check Box for Counties that enter Medicaid directly 

Medicaid>Enter Attendance> added Teletherapy check – attendance listing shows the check box as well, double click to edit, shows too.

4. Medicaid Claim Audit Rules:

We have added a number of new audit rules regarding Teletherapy.  For all of these new rules, you can set the audit to 1 of 2 options: FAILURE or WARNING

Failure means the system will not allow the claim to flow through to a batch

Warning means the system will put the claim in the batch under the “claims with warnings” tab to be reviewed manually and moved to the claim batch if appropriate

Medicaid>Service Bureau Claiming>Attendance Audit Rules Setup

                New Rule #1- Bypass CBRS CB Attendance if Teletherapy

                New Rule #2- Flag for not Teletherapy when during allowed period (Good for mixed)

                New Rule #3- Check for Teletherapy during allowed period (Good for Mixed)

New Rule #4- Check for Teletherapy not allowed

                New Rule #5- Enforce Teletherapy requirement

5. Claim Batch Details Screen 

When double clicking on a line, a new Teletherapy Box will show when reviewing the session

Columns have been added for Teletherapy, service setting and location entered

Manual review excel export contains Teletherapy, setting and location

Medicaid>Service Bureau Claiming>Claim Batch Listing