This feature may be used to shorten a long list of ICD or CPT codes to the few that will be used frequently.
Once created, ICD and CPT code favorites may be found on the "weekly attendance" entry screen. (http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a38/entering-weekly-attendance.aspx)
1. Under "My Account" choose "My Profile"
2.  Click on "Favorites" tab    
3. Click on Search icon for ICD Codes
        3.1 Input " ICD Code begins with" or "Short description contains" 
        3.2 Click search
        3.3 Click on correct  ICD code and click Select 
         3.4 Click Add
4.  Click on Search icon for CPT Codes 
     4.1  Input " CPT Code begins with" or "Description contains" 
     4.2  Click Search
     4.3  Click on correct  CPT code and click Select 
          4.4 Click Add