Adding a new provider to Preschool and eSTACs

There are three steps to adding a new provider
  1. Add the provider to Preschool
  2. Add the provider to CPSE Portal
  3. Configure the options in eSTACs for the new provider

STEP 1a: Adding the RS Agency to Preschool

1. Go to the Providers tab > Agency > and select RS (if you have a new provider for SEIT or CB you will import them from SED) 
2. Click the “New” button at the bottom of the screen and enter the provider name in the pop-up, click 'OK' when you are done.

3. Find the provider in your provider list and double-click on it to bring up the provider details. Enter all applicable information.

 4. From here you will need to add RS Programs for the new provider using the 'Add RS Program' Button.

If you have a Specific Rate Table ensure you select whether the provider is an independent or agency. 

STEP 1b: Adding a SEIT or CB Provider to Preschool

1. Go to Provider > Agency > and click on SED List

2. Enter the name of the provider in the search bar (you can use a partial name here) and click 'reload'.

3. Once you see the provider you need to add, select them and click 'Add Selected Providers To County List' (you can select and add multiple providers if you need to)

STEP 2: Adding the provider to CPSE Portal

1. In Preschool, click the CPSE Portal User Management option under the CPSE Portal menu.

2. Find the Provider on the list of providers and double-click.

3. Check the 'Provider Uses CPSE Portal' box and then Click the Add New CPSE Portal Provider (If the provider already exists in CPSE portal you will have the option to link to the existing provider on this screen).

Ensure the NPI is correct when adding the provider to CPSE Portal 

STEP 3: Configuring eSTACs options

1. Login into CPSE Portal and open County Contracted Providers screen.

2. Click choose your school year session and click Retrieve to populate the gird.

3. Find the provider that you want to turn on services for in eSTACs.  Click the Edit In the last row,

4. Now select the services that the provider can provide, and then click the Update button.

5. You will now need to filter for the winter school year session, and repeat steps 4 & 5 above.