Why doesn't attendance appear to be put on a voucher?

On the Voucher Details screen, if your attendance does not appear in the Unassigned grid to be assigned, the following troubleshooting steps may help determine the cause and solution - 

  • The attendance has been added or modified (matched, signed/co-signed) since the Voucher was created. 
    • A Recalc may be required to refresh the list of Unassigned attendances.
      • With the appropriate Voucher pulled up, press the Recalc button which is found at the bottom of the screen.

Check the Items Not Ready to be Billed Report (Billing>Items Not Ready to be Billed).

  • The attendance could be on an Unmatched Enrollment (no ESID)
    • If the attendance is on an Unmatched Enrollment, you’ll need to match the Enrollment to a County Created Enrollment. 
      • This article covers matching Unmatched Enrollments - http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a433/match-unmatched-enrollments.aspx
    • Afterward, press Recalc in order for the newly matched attendance to appear in the Unassigned grid on the Voucher Details Screen.

  • The attendance could be missing a Signed Date or Cosigned Date
    • To determine if the attendance is signed/requires a co-signature, the Items Not Ready to be Billed Report will show this OR you can use the Child Lookup screen and search for the ESID# the attendance is entered on.
    • Afterward, press the Attendances button on the Enrollments tab of the child’s record. 
  • Determine if the attendance(s) has a date in the Signed Date and Co-Signed Date columns of the Enrollment Attendance List 
      • If required, sign or co-sign any attendances that have not been signed. 

  • The attendance is on another Voucher
    • To determine if attendances are on another voucher, use the Child Lookup screen and search for the ESID# the attendance is entered on.
    • Locate the correct Enrollment line and press the blue Attendances link on the right side of the grid. 
    • The Voucher# column on the right side of the Attendance Grid displays the Voucher Number that an attendance is attached to. 
      • If the area is blank, the attendance is not attached to a voucher. 

  • The rates have not yet been uploaded for the Attendance’s Enrollment (ESID#)
    • If an Enrollment has no rate, no attendances will appear to be placed on a voucher.
      • You may check Enrollment rates by navigating to Lookup -> Enrollment Lookup
      • Then, filter by the School Year Session, County, Provider, and Enrollment Type. Afterward, press Search
    • A grid will generate and include a Rate column. Search for your ESID and reference its Rate column. 
      • If the Rate column reflects $0, attendances will not be available to place on a voucher.

If the attendance still does not appear after troubleshooting, please complete this Request for Information.pdf form and email it to support@CPSEPortal.com asking to assist with why it won't appear to be put on a voucher.