Missing Documents Preventing Claiming Report

Missing Documents Preventing Claiming Report
You can use the “Missing Documents Preventing Claiming Report” to see the status of any outstanding Medicaid documentation (Parental Consent Forms, IEPs, Prescriptions). 
The “Missing Documents Preventing Claiming Report” can be accessed from the Medicaid Menu.  Go to Medicaid>Missing Documents>Missing Documents Preventing Claiming
Filter by county, provider and oldest date (e.g., 2018-19 Summer session:  Oldest date would be 7/1/18)
This report will show you the district, child, session, ESID#, service, From Date, To Date and three columns showing the missing documentation (Need IEP, Need Consent, Need Script). YES indicates the documentation is needed for claiming and is currently missing.
After you run the report, export the results to Excel (Click on the Excel button in the bottom left-hand corner of screen.).  Having the report in Excel will give you more options for filtering and sorting the results of the report.
Once you get the report results into Excel, highlight the entire page by clicking in the triangle in the first cell/row as noted below.
 Click on the Excel Data Menu.
Click on FILTER
Click on the Filter icon in the Session column.
Select the session(s) you want to filter.  More than one option can be checked.  (e.g. 2018-19 SUM and 2018-19 WIN)
Based on the filter criteria selected above, this report will show you what is outstanding for the 2019-20 summer session. 
The dates listed in the “From Date” and “To Date” columns will tell you the particular time period [for each service type] for any outstanding consents, IEPs and prescriptions.
  • IEPs – The “From Date” and “To Date” columns indicate the correct IEP needed for claiming (the initial IEP for the school year is not always the one needed).  Please make sure that the IEP you are uploading matches this criteria. 
           (e.g., 1/8/18 is listed in the “From Date” column for speech.  The IEP needed will be a subsequent IEP (not
           the initial IEP) where speech was either added or changed and the new service started on 1/8/18.)  
           If the date of the enrollment does not match with the date of on the uploaded IEP (and it is the correct IEP),
           please provide an explanation (e.g., IEP start date 9/5/__, enrollment start date 12/1/__.  Agency did not
          start service with child until 12/1.)  If the uploaded IEP has a different frequency/duration/class size than the
          enrollment, we will be looking for an IEP to be uploaded with a frequency/duration/class size to match the
           How to Upload an IEP – Medicaid>IEP Maintenance - http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a190/uploading-an-iep.aspx
  • PRESCRIPTIONS – The outstanding prescription should also match the dates in the “From Date” and “To Date” columns.  The term of service delineated on the prescription should either be July 1, 20?? to June 30, 20??, or if specific dates were delineated for the term of service, the dates should encompass the time period (from/to) requested in the report.
            Important Note:  Please make sure the following items are completed when uploading scripts.
            Make sure the school year dates selected on the Prescription Entry and Prescription Image screens are for the correct school year.
            In order for the prescription to show as completed,
                the coordinating enrollment(s) should be selected on the Prescription Entry Screen,
                the coordinating order(s) should be selected on the Upload Image Screen, and,
                the prescription image should be “attached” to the prescription details. 
        Uploading & Troubleshooting Prescription Documentation – Lookup>Child Lookup - http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a180/uploading-troubleshooting-prescription-documentation.aspx?KBSearchID=10123
  • CONSENT FORMS – If “YES” is listed in the “Need Consent” column a Consent Form is required for claiming.  Please upload any outstanding Parental Consents to the Portal.
            How to Upload a Consent Form – Medicaid>Parental Consent Entry - http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a189/uploading-a-medicaid-consent-form.aspx