Update Evaluation Rates in Preschool

  1. Go to Maintenance > Evaluation Rates.
2. Select the School Year and confirm that your County is showing in the County selection.
You will then see a few columns.
  1. Service
  2. Rate (this is for monolingual).
  3. Bilingual Rate.
Please note that the bilingual rate is going to be the result of the bilingual rate minus the monolingual rate.
For example, if the bilingual rate is $314 and the monolingual rate is $242, you would enter $72 in the bilingual column. (314 - 242 = 72)
Once you've completed entering the updated rates, be sure to click "Apply" to apply the newly reflected rates.


Any new Evaluation added moving forward will be at the new/updated rate.

If you have already added Evaluations into Preschool with the old or incorrect rate you will need to update those manually.
If there are a lot of Evaluations entered with the old or incorrect rate - contact preschoolsupport@jmcguinness.com and we can likely help with updating them en masse for you.