Why can't I sign

Why can't I sign?
1) Do you have a PIN?  Please refer to instruction on how to choose a PIN for signing attendance: http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a125/choosing-a-pin.aspx#
2) Are your license/credentials entered and up to date?  Are the dates entered?  Is the service date within the from/to dates for your license? Please refer to instruction on how to enter license/certification information: http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a24/enter-license-certification-information.aspx
3) Do you have your signature filled in? Please refer to instruction on how to enter credential signature: http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a25/enter-credential-signature.aspx
4) Are there missing fields on the attendance record? (Missing fields will be highlighted on the Sign Attendance screen)
Please refer to instruction on entering weekly attendance: http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a7/entering-weekly-attendance.aspx
    I.    Time In / Time Out (Start/End Time)
    II.   Number of Sessions
    III.  Service Setting 
    IV.  Child (Enrollment)
    V.   ICD (Diagnosis) Code(s) (if none applicable use 'NOICD')
    VI.  CPT Code(s) (if none applicable use 'NOCPT')
    VII. Session Notes
5) Attestation may not be on file with county - Contact county to resolve
6) If you cannot sign Classroom attendances, confirm that you are assigned to the Classroom.
Please refer to the Assigning Teachers/Aides to Classrooms section of the following article: http://support.cpseportal.com/kb/a42/how-to-create-and-edit-a-classroom.aspx